Workday Prism Analytics Training:

Workday Prism Analytics is a self-service analytics remedy for finance and HR groups, that enables organizations to bring exterior information right into Workday, incorporate it with existing individuals or monetary information, as well as existing it via Workday’s reporting framework. This offers you all natural collection of insights that can be performed in a flash. The Prism training course covers the end-to-end process of integrating information from Workday with external data sources and publishing it to report customers using Workday Prism Analytics.
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40 Hours
of training


Course Overview:

Workday Prism Analytics makes it possible for companies to bring any kind of outside information right into Workday, mix it with existing people or monetary information, and existing it natively via Workday’s effective reporting structure. In this training, you will certainly learn just how to create information pipelines that blend and change the information utilizing Prism functions. You will additionally find out just how to carry out ad-hoc analysis in information discovery.

Course Content:

  • Tenant Login and Password Details
  • Prism Admin Guide
  • Prism Analytics without activity
  • Additional Conversion Functions
  • Reports & CSV Data for prism
  • Workday Prism Analytics – A Guide to Successful Deployments
  • Prism Data Files
  • Prism Report Definitions
  • Prism Introduction & Overview
  • Data Catalog Worklet, Security & Enable Domain Security
  • Introduction to Data Acquisition
  • Dataset Ownership & Sharing
  • SFTP  API Prism Upload
  • Custom Report Data Set
  • Edit Data Set & Fields, Derived Data Sets & Prism Calculated Fields
  • Blend Datasets, Pipelines & Joins
  • Join Dataset, Lineage & Filter
  • Add Fields, Prism Expression CF, Group by 20201007
  • Publish Prism Data Set, Retrieve PDS in Matrix, Report & Share
  • CC Worker Call & Survey Join DDs Reviews & Fix Issues
  • Create Aggregate DDS, PDS, Matrix Reports from Detail & Aggregates
  • Data Discovery, Create Export a Viz
  • Maintenance, Unpublish & Delete Data Set Troubleshoot issues
  • Prism Deep Dive, Use case, Guide to Deployment 
  • Full Outer Join
  • Transposing Data – Unpivot
  • Period Over Period Calculation & Union Datasets
  • Transposing Data Pivot
  • Period to Date Calculation, Self Publish Data Owner
  • Prism Vs. Matrix Calculations
  • Prism Vs. Matrix, Cost per Minute, Group before Join
  • Create & Configure Dashboards Worklets
  • Prerequisites & Data Management
  • Setup Tenant for Prism Analytics
  • Setup Tenant for Discovery Boards
  • Prism Analytics Data Management Concept
  • Concepts of Tables & Datasets
  • Create, Manage & View Tables & Datasets
  • Editing Tables – Parse, Add & Edit Data in a Table
  • Editing Datasets – Parse, Add, Manage, Change & Convert Datasets Fields
  • Securing Data in Tables & Datasets – Securing in Prism Analytics
  • Preparing Datasets for Publishing – Enable Contextual Publishing for Datasets
  • Deleting Prism Analytics Data – Truncate Data in Tables & Datasets
  • Prism Expression Language – Operators, Functions & Regular Expressions
  • Discovery Board Setup – Setup Discovery Setup
  • Discovery Board Workflow
  • Change Field Name & Formatting in Numeric Summarization
  • Filtering & Sorting Data in Visualization
  • Sharing Visualization Insights – Export & Download a Visualization Image
  • Worksheets, Big Data Analysis & Benchmarking


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