Workday Benefits Training:​

Workday Benefits Training assist your administrators to provide and regulate your benefits program from plan design to enrollment to supporting compliance with fundamental regulations. With a simple and instinctive interface, this benefits administration contribution is described to assist companies and their employees understand the full value of their benefits program. Workday Benefits provide a well organized employee enrollment workflow that impersonate familiar customer websites. Bringing a seamless experience from desktop to mobile, Workday Benefits facilitate employees to complete benefits enrollment, generate changes, and analysis their choices more accurately on any device. Workday Benefits support companies lower administrative and maintenance costs by bringing a single comprehensive system for benefits administration.
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40 Hours
of training


Course Overview:

Our Workday Benefit Training discover with new and inventive teaching methodologies to make the learning process smooth. The whole course curriculum of Workday describes to meet industry requirements. Flexibility, accessibility, and conveniences are the three primary aspects of our training pattern. This online training program is embracing with real-world scenarios bringing pragmatic value to aspirant workday professionals. With Workday Benefits, your administrators can easily design a full and flexible spectrum of benefits options, as well as health, retirement, pension, insurance, flex options, wellness credits, allowance plans, and leave plans.

Course Content:

  • Set Up Benefits
  • Manage Benefit Coverage Types
  • Create Health Care Coverage Targets
  • Create Insurance Coverage Targets
  • Create Benefit Providers
  • Create Benefit Groups
  • Set Up Benefit Enrollment Instructions
  • Set Up Benefit Electronic Signatures
  • Create Benefit Eligibility Rules
  • Benefit Groups
  • Set Up Insurance Costs
  • Manage Individual Benefit Rates
  • Create Health Care Rates
  • Create Insurance Coverages
  • Create Insurance Rates
  • Enter Individual Benefit Rates
  • Set Up Benefit Plans
  • Create Health Care Plans
  • Create Insurance Plans
  • Setup Considerations: Critical Illness Insurance Plans
  • Create Retirement Savings Plans
  • Create Rules for Allocating Retirement Savings Contributions
  • Enroll an Employee in Retirement Savings Plans
  • Set Up HSA Coverage Targets
  • Create Health Savings Account Plans
  • Create Spending Account Plans
  • Create Additional Benefit Plans
  • Benefits Savings and Spending Accounts
  • How do I stop calculated insurance coverage amounts from displaying?
  • How do I make HSA contribution changes without a qualifying event?
  • Set Up Enrollment Events and Rules
  • Set Up Automatic Benefit Eligibility Checks
  • Create Enrollment Events
  • Create Enrollment Event Rules
  • Create Conditional Messages for Enrollment Events
  • Enrolling New Hires in Benefits
  • Discontinue Benefits on Termination
  • Enrollment Period for Benefit Events
  • Coordination of Benefits Enrollment Events
  • Multiple Benefit Events on the Same Day
  • Plan Changes and Waiting Periods
  • Benefit Deduction Begin Date Rules
  • Benefit Deduction End Date Rules
  • Coordination of Benefits Events
  • Set Up Default Benefits Coverage
  • Set Up Auto-Enrollment for Benefit Plans
  • How does Workday determine an employee’s benefits have been affected?
  • Create Cross Plan Enrollment Prerequisites
  • Create Cross Plan Insurance Coverage Maximums
  • Create Cross Plan Insurance Percentage Maximums
  • Create Cross Plan Retirement Savings Plan Contribution Maximums
  • Cross Plan Enrollment Prerequisites
  • Manage Benefit Credits and Surcharges
  • Set Up Benefit Credits
  • Set Up Benefit Surcharges
  • Create Benefit Annual Credit Types
  • Create Benefit Credits
  • Create Benefit Credit Bundles
  • Change Wellness Data
  • Include Coverage Types in Total Benefit Costs
  • Benefit Credits and Surcharges
  • Set Up Multiple Jobs for Benefit Eligibility
  • Change Jobs Used for Benefit Eligibility
  • Create Selection Rules for Benefit Jobs
  • Assign Benefit Job Selection Rules to Benefit Groups
  • Set Up Open Enrollment
  • Manage Open Enrollment
  • Create Benefit Plan Year Definitions
  • Start Open Enrollment
  • Add Employees to Open Enrollment
  • Remove Employees from Open Enrollment
  • Send Open Enrollment Reminders to Employees
  • Close Open Enrollment
  • Finalize Open Enrollment Elections
  • Correct an Employee’s Open Enrollment Elections
  • Benefits Open Enrollment on Mobile
  • Integration Implications for Using Correct Benefits
  • Irrevocable Beneficiaries for Canada
  • Open Enrollment
  • Change Benefit Elections
  • Change Retirement Savings Elections
  • Finalize Open Benefit Event Elections
  • Correct Benefits
  • Extend Benefits Coverage for an Individual Employee
  • Create and Send Alerts for Benefit Changes


  • Set Up Passive Events
  • Set Up Passive Event Business Processes
  • Create Passive Event Rules
  • Schedule Passive Events
  • Processing Passive Events for the First Time
  • Passive Event Rules
  • Preview Alerts for Passive Events
  • Passive Events
  • Set Up Evidence of Insurability
  • Manage Evidence of Insurability
  • Correct Employee EOI Approval and Denial Dates
  • Evidence of Insurability Processes
  • How are coverage levels determined for evidence of insurability?
  • Set Up COBRA Automation
  • Grant COBRA Eligibility
  • Correct COBRA Eligibility Records
  • Grant COBRA to an Ex-Spouse
  • How is the Qualifying Event Date determined?
  • Set Up Affordable Care Act Reporting
  • Configure Affordable Care Act Reporting
  • Create Affordable Care Act Measurement Periods
  • Manage Affordable Care Act Reporting
  • Set Up ACA Forms 1094-C and 1095-C
  • Create an ACA Company Configuration
  • Import ACA 1095-C Recipient Data
  • Prepare ACA Recipient Data for EIB Upload
  • View and Correct ACA Data Transmission Status
  • Worker Eligibility for Affordable Care Act Benefits
  • Work lets and Reports for Affordable Care Act Compliance
  • Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act
  • Set Up Medicare Tracking
  • Manage Medicare Information
  • Manage Personal Relationship Types
  • Manage Dependents and Beneficiaries
  • Add or Delete Court-Ordered Benefits (QDRO)
  • Set Up Fair Market Value for Health Care Plans


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