Workday unique features

Workday is an advanced platform and runs on public cloud. It is built for the modern workforce. Their technology aligns with the current trends in IT. Their continuous updates and enterprise focus make them a feasible choice for the companies. Workday also has strategic partnerships […]

Workday providing talent mobility

The race for the top talent has always been top of mind for HR leaders, but the methods for finding and retaining that talent have shifted. Sometimes, the best candidates are already working at your company, and supporting the internal mobility of talent, such as […]

How Workday is transforming careers

The corporate world and work itself is changing in ways that are completely unprecedented. There were no directors of organizational learning and development, no directors of employee experience, and no vice presidents of global impact and employee life. In other words, the social enterprise emphasizes […]

Why has Workday been so successful

Workday engages people with an intuitive HR system that puts people first. Workday is easy to use, and delivers a delightful experience on any device. Workday’s unified platform makes HR engaging, insightful, and strategic to the whole business. Workday helps in gaining the insights to […]