The race for the top talent has always been top of mind for HR leaders, but the methods for finding and retaining that talent have shifted. Sometimes, the best candidates are already working at your company, and supporting the internal mobility of talent, such as continuous learning, are good for employees and employers alike. Workday enables employees to continue to feel challenged and engaged with their work, acquire new skills, help fill organizational skills gaps, and make progress toward broader career goals. Additional drivers for internal mobility, according to the findings, include globalization— or expansion—of operations and the shift of many organizations toward flatter organizational models.

Companies have strong business reasons to address these challenges and make internal talent mobility a priority. Investing in internal mobility can help employers find internal talent, develop leaders, and create more growth opportunities for employees. Workday explains that one way to do that is for organizations to get comfortable with using a talent marketplace model to mobilize existing employees and promote internal mobility. An internal talent marketplace works best when companies believe that their people: 

• Are engaged and motivated to do good work 

• Deserve to know what opportunities are currently available to them

 • Are ready to take on new challenges and career experiences beyond their day-to-day work.

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