Workday technology will continue to change the way one view talent and organize workforces. In the face of this, it will be HR’s responsibility to provide the leadership necessary to ensure workers have the new skills required for our organizations to remain agile, efficient, and prepared for whatever disruptions the future brings. Building up the right skills is critical. 

With Workday, companies are exploring ways to make learning more integrated with how employees work and live, figuring out how they can encourage a continuous, lifelong model of learning, especially as life expectancy and years in the workplace are increasing. They are also striving to make learning more personalized and more flexible, so employees can learn about topics at their own pace and convenience. Workday learning platforms are emerging as one tool to help organizations achieve these goals and offer several key benefits: 

• Using Workday, one system can be integrated into any system to offer better working

 • Workday learning material can be organized into channels or playlists

 • Users engage with consumer-like features that invest in agile workforce who will be more prepared to adapt to change and achieve their growth objectives.

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